Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tee Hee!

My daughter knows my limits. I have proof! Isabel is aware that I am sick to death of her dirty diapers. When she is on her full dose of medication for her ear infection she will have up to 8 (yes EIGHT) dirty diapers a day. I am living in the land of poo. She has given me a gift, however. For the last two Monday nights, the night when I get to leave the house and go to choir practice, she has exploded. About 10 minutes before I need to leave, she releases her bowels in ways only known to small children and dogs. There is poop all over her pants, shirt, torso, legs, fingers and hair. And who is left to clean up this abomination? Why, not me! I have to leave for choir! It's like she KNOWS I can't handle it anymore and saves it all for daddy. Isabel is a wonderful child.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


We are back from our trip to Missouri, but instead of being happy, I am confused and depressed. I thought that going to see our old friends and my old students would be closure. I haven't seen these people in nine months, and I had just gotten to the point where I wasn't thinking about them every day. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Missouri, it felt like HOME. Being with our old friends felt wonderful, and seeing my old students only made me miss my job more then before. It didn't help that every where we turned people were asking us to come back. Since then, I've been questioning our move to Kentucky. Did we do the right thing? What I had hoped would be a fun weekend of reminiscing has turned into me questioning our path in life. I truly hope that time will clear up my confusion.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Road Trip!

We are off to the great state of Missouri today! Tracy and I lived there for 3 years before we came to Lexington, and this is the first time we are going back. It's an 8 hour trip and we are a bit nervous about how Isabel is going to in the car. We plan on making a few stops! Mostly, we are really excited. We made some awesome friends while we were there and we can't wait to see them again. Most of our friends there haven't seen Isabel in about 9 months. They saw her right after she was born, and then we left. She is going to look HUGE to them! We are anxious to get on the road. Goodbye, Kentucky; Hello, Missouri!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's about time!

We had the best doctor's appointment yesterday! The doctor looked at Isabel's ears, and to my extreme relief, said these magic words, "They look much better!" It was such a relief after weeks of bad news to hear such a happy diagnosis. She can stop taking her medicine on Sunday, and she doesn't even need a follow up visit. I knew that Isabel was feeling better- she has been sleeping again and playing like her old self, but to hear her improvement confirmed by a doctor was WONDERFUL. We are going to visit grandma today and for the first time in weeks I'm not concerned about leaving the house! All I can say is, "It's about time!"

Sunday, February 19, 2006

MENSA baby!

Isabel has two new skills. She can now clap and wave! They happened within a couple days of each other. One moment she acted like a sack of potatoes, the next minute, POOF! She's mimicking us! It's so cute- she waves backwards. She is repeating what she sees, so she waves toward herself. Tracy and I, of course, are convinced that her brain power is off the charts. We picture her winning spelling bees and appearing on Jeopardy. It's so exciting to see her develop into a thinking being. Some of the learning is good- like the clapping; and some is bad. She is starting to learn how to work her parents. She has figured out that if she cries on daddy long enough, mommy will come and put her to bed. This is worrisome. We are going to have to start handing this situation. Our little baby is no longer a little baby! Is she a genius? Well, we'll see.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Isabel's first fear

Isabel is now scared of the doctor's office. I had to take her in last night because her fever went up again. She has had an ear infection for almost two weeks! Because she is not responding to her oral medications, the doctor recommended a shot. It was a large dose and it had to be given in both legs. We had a follow up appointment today, and she KNEW the office was a place of pain. Every time the doctor pulled out a medical instrument, she freaked. As long as the doctor was just talking she was fine. The second he tried to examine her, she cried. She was so afraid of getting another shot! Unfortunately, she needed another dose, and so another shot was given. As soon as the nurse came in with the syringe, she screamed. She knew what was coming. I really hope that she doesn't start associating the doctor with unpleasant memories. We have another appointment Monday.......!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Saga Continues.....

Another day, another fever. Around 1:00 this afternoon, Isabel temperature hit 102 degrees. Again. After 2 weeks of sickness, I am tired of this! I took her to the doctor tonight, and as it turns out, her ear infection hasn't gone away. In fact, it's worse. She now has puss behind her eardrums. What started out as a minor ear infection has turned into something long term and serious. She has taken 2 types of antibiotics, and tonight received shots. Hopefully this will do the trick and will be the end of a very long infection. I'm so tired of my daughter feeling miserable. It's tough. My greatest wish is that by this time tomorrow I will never write another blog regarding an ear infection ever again!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympics, anyone?

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you- I am NOT a sports fan. My pulse does rise a bit when the OSU Buckeyes enter the football field every fall, but mostly I turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the rallying cry of fanatical fans. However, every couple of years something magical happens. The OLYMPICS! I become obsessed. For some reason, from the time they enter the stadium in opening ceremonies to the final gold medal I can't seem to tear my eyes from the television. I don't know a thing about any of these games- snowboarding? ski jumping? pairs skating? Doesn't matter. I don't need to know how to do these sports to root for the USA like a blind fool. There's just something about seeing my country do well and act like true sportsmen and women. It's going to be a great week! Go team USA!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why I'm NOT Mother of the Year

Isabel has been a very cranky girl. For the past 24-36 hours, she has been crying, fussing, and not sleeping well. She has also had a annoyingly runny nose. So, being the BRILLIANT mother that I am, I just thought it was her being sick. (She has had a persistent ear infection for weeks, and I just figured this was one of the phases.) It wasn't until I was giving Isabel her nightly bath when she leaned WAY back, opened her mouth, and gave her mama a clue. She is getting her third tooth! We gave her a dab of teething gel, and POOF! Isabel was a happy girl. We have suffered with her for over a day because no one bothered to check her gums. It's not like it's her first tooth, either. We know that crying, night waking, and a runny nose are the signs! To sum it up..... I will NOT be winning Mother of the Year. I will, however, be winning the "Duh" award, the "Why did I ignore the signs?" award, and the ever popular, "Stupid Mama" award. Nevertheless, we in the Kitchel home are very excited about our little girl's next big step. Front teeth, here we come!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lazy Day

What is so great about laying around the house for a day? EVERYTHING. We are taking a much needed day off here in the Kitchel house. It has been a crazy couple of weeks with all the sick people, trips, and stress. Today we are being lazy, lazy, lazy. It's brilliant. I'd write more, but I really just don't have the motivation. Besides, the couch is beckoning....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Grandma helps out......again.

It was inevitable I suppose. I was surrounded by unhealthy people for a week, then I took a trip where I hardly slept and ran around for days. So now I'm sick. So sick, in fact, that I can't take care of Isabel. My husband had to go in to work today, so my mom came down to help....again. It was so great of her to come down for the day so I could lay in bed and recover. It's tough- all I want to do is hold Isabel after being away from her for days, and now I can't because I'm afraid I'll give her my germs. Tracy's been a champ- he's running around doing all the work; I think he almost cried with relief when my mom showed up to help! I hope I feel better soon. Pray that everyone else here stays well- we can't handle any more sick people!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Disney World!

So I'm home from Florida. It was a great trip! Besides the temperature being in the low 70's, I also got to visit with my brother who I haven't seen in over a year. (He's the one with Mickey.) Tracy, (the one with the ears) had a conference in Orlando, so I tagged along. I missed Isabel, but she had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa and it was nice to have some time off as a mommy. We laughed because we figured we were the only parents in the world who left their daughter with relatives so they could go to Disney World alone!! We ran around the parks for 2 days, ate junk food, and acted like idiots. It was a blast! It was so nice to have some time with my brother. He's a cool guy and I don't get to see him often. Isabel is now very upset with me. She didn't realize we were gone until we came home. Now she won't let me out of her sight! I think she's afraid I'll leave again! Neither of us can wait until she's old enough to go to Disney World with us. The whole vacation Tracy and I were looking at each other saying, "Isabel will really like that when she's older," and "Won't Isabel get a kick out of that when she comes down here?" All and all a fantastic trip.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

On the rebound

Isabel is finally on the road to recovery. Her fever is much lower, and she has started playing again. It's SO nice to see her smile!! A sight I haven't seen in days. The only negative is that tomorrow I am going out of town, so she will be with family. They will take great care of her, I'm sure, but I hate being away when she isn't well. Right now she needs her mama! Of course, I am headed to Orlando, where it is 70 degrees and sunny, so that does soften the blow a bit. I am also visiting my brother who I haven't seen in over a year. (He works at Disney World.) I'm so excited! My next blog might be from Disney World! Here's hoping that Isabel makes a full recovery in the next 24 hours. I know she's better, but I would love it if she was completely well before I left. Only time will tell.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Breast+Bottle=Guilty Mama

My daughter was in the hospital last night. Her fever spiked at 105 degrees at 11:00 and we went to the ER. During the 4 hours that we were there, I started thinking......what could I have done to prevent this from happening?

I am a big believer in breast feeding. That is why, despite my troubles with it, I spent 6 months giving only breast milk to Isabel. For a while I really struggled, and spent many nights crying because I couldn't feed my baby. Oh, how guilty I felt! I envied the moms that fed their children by mixing powder and water with seemingly no personal thoughts of failure. By the time she started eating solids, I was DONE. I happily chucked my nursing bras and breast pump to the wind and embraced the world of formula and bottles. I was happy, my husband was happy, and Isabel never seemed to notice. All was well. Until last night.

As we were sitting in the waiting room of the ER with my daughter sicker then she's ever been, I had a moment of regret. What if by stopping the breast milk, which is known to boost a child's immune system, I opened the door for Isabel to be sick? Oh, how guilty I felt! And that's when it hit me.


I had assumed when I stopped breastfeeding, I would also stop feeling like a failure if something went wrong. What was once guilt about whether my child was getting enough food, or if I was letting her down if she wouldn't latch turned into another kind of guilt. I started feeling like I was partly responsible for my daughter's illness. No, I didn't directly give her the germs, but maybe I didn't do enough to help her fight them off.

I guess no matter how you package it, a mom will always feel partly responsible for her baby's troubles, and sadly, troubles are unavoidable. Did I make the right decision to stop breastfeeding? For me, yes. For Isabel? All I know is that right now I feel incredibly guilty.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Grandma helps out

First Isabel had a cold. Then she had an ear infection. Then, (because it wasn't quite enough misery) she now has a virus. My mom is here to visit and instead of going shopping and playing with Isabel, she's helping me clean up baby vomit and watching her while I run to the store to get some Pedialite. Fun times. At the very least, she's keeping me calm while Isabel suffers. God bless mothers.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ear infections are from the devil

So, Isabel has an ear infection. She cannot seem to shake this stupid illness. Every day she becomes more and more sick. We went to the doctor yesterday, got some medication and peace on mind, and yet 24 hours later she is in a fever induced stupor. I hate it when she's sick. I panic, lose sleep, and take her temperature at least every 10 minutes (I mean, it might have gone up since 7 minutes ago!) I would give anything to take this pain away. I'm blogging at 10:30 at night while my husband takes a turn with the her because even though I'm exhausted, Lord knows I'm not going to sleep while her fever is 102 degrees. It's going to be a long night......