Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Every new mom is given lots of advice. Relatives, friends, well meaning people at the grocery store, etc. Bombarded by mixed messages from all angles, I have had to sort through the massive pile of books, internet articles, and doctor pamphlets to decide how I want my daughter to be raised. Now, I am admittedly a proud person who would rather fail on her own then admit I got help from someone. When it comes to my daughter, however, I often have to swallow my pride to do what is best for her well being. It got me thinking; what advice do I wish I had listened to, and what am I glad I ignored?

I wish I had listened when someone said........

-Your baby is NOT going to die of SIDS. (I panicked about this for months.)
-You should put more clothes on her at night. (I admit she was very poorly dressed for a while.)
-Try to avoid a C-section. (I did not like mine and do not want to do it again.)
-You are allowed to breastfeed in public. (I hid in bathroom stalls and empty rooms for months.)
-It's ok to put on a baby video when you need to get something done. (I need to alter my thinking that TV is going to be the downfall of my child.)

I am so glad I ignored people when they said.......

-Co-sleeping will kill your child. (She slept with us for months and is alive and well.)
-Feeding her solids will help her sleep better. (A lie. She slept when she was ready.)
-You are a bad mother for giving her formula. (I was DONE with breastfeeding, but still felt like I failed when I stopped at 6 months.)
-Let her cry it out. (I never understood the point when she's a little baby.)
-Always put your baby's needs before your own or your husband's. (If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy....)

Well, that's the list. I suppose the important thing is that Isabel is healthy, happy, and well loved by her whole family. No matter what advice I choose to accept or ignore, I know that it comes from a good place by people that only want the very best for someone they care for. In the meantime, I continue to learn as a mother. Any advice?

Isabel is sick

Isabel is not feeling well this week. Here she is at dinner last night. She fell asleep in the middle of her sweet potatoes. Normally my daughter is a very focused eater! So we are going to the doctor today, but of course I will have to cancel plans of my own in order to do so. Figures. If she weren't so miserable I would be grouchy about this. But she looks up at me with her fever tinted eyes and all I want to do is rush over to the clinic, kick down the door, and yell, "FIX HER!! Can't you people see she's sick?!" Doctor's office, here we come.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Finger Foods!

So the time has come for Isabel to start snacking on some real foods. Favorites? Rice Krispies, Cheerios, and Graham Crackers. She tends to get more on her fingers and clothes then her mouth, but she loves it.

Here goes nothing.....

Welcome to my new blog! Bound to be one of the most boring sites in cyberland. I am determind to bore you to tears with tales of poopy diapers, teething problems, and complaints of how I never get out of the house. If you are still interested, read on dear friends.........